This web site was the result of contributions from many different people, below we would like to recognize those individuals and organizations that helped produce this web.


We thank U.S. Cellular for providing the cellular phones that allow us to publish content to the web site from sea.

Dan Fornari (WHOI) provided many of the pictures used throughout our web site. We want to thank him for generously allowing us to use his slide scanner, jazz drive, and digital camera, and for allowing us to look through his collection of rare Hawaiian books. We also want to thank Simon Fornari for taking the time to read through the science factoids and comment on them.

We thank E. Paul Oberlander (WHOI graphic artist) for the production of almost all of the illustrations used in the Science Factoids, and allowing us to use some of his archived figures.

Most of the photographs of Hawaii were obtained from the USGS/Hawaiian Volcano Observatory CD-ROM on Kilauea.

We thank Dave Clague (MBARI) for allowing us to use pictures of his rock samples collected at the Puna Ridge. The pictures shown were published in Clague et al., 1995.

Deborah Kovacs, Turnstone Publishing Group, was very helpful and encouraging throughout the development of the site.

Dr. Lee Tepley ( gave us his permission to use the pillow lava formation sequence from his movie “Fire Under the Sea”.

The figure of the Hawaiian hot spot plume in the Hawaii Science Factoid was drawn by Patricia Wynne and published in the March 1992 edition of Ocean Explorer.

The picture of Harry Hess was obtained from the PBS web site <>

The content and illustrations in the Science Factoids were motivated by subjects covered in two excellent textbooks: Introduction to Oceanography, David A. Ross, HarperCollins College Publishers, 1995
Essentials of Oceanography, Tom Garrison, Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1995

We thank Cheryl Simmers for her enthusiastic support for our project and her 5th grade class at Konant Elementary School who are using the site to supplement their oceanography lessons.