The following organizations and individuals provided direct support or assistance to our web site project.

Puna Ridge On The Web - a Learning Event (PROWL)

nsf_logo.gif (2296 bytes)The National Science Foundation is the primary funding agency for both the science cruise and this web site.

whoi_logo.gif (1537 bytes)The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution provided cost sharing for the development of this web site.

doe_logo.gif (2151 bytes)Hawaii Department of Education E-School Program provide additional assistance for the development of teaching resources on our web site.

jwlogo.gif (1740 bytes) Donated web site design and development time.

Additional Support for Content Development

bishop_logo.gif (2974 bytes)Bishop Museum.

soest_logo.gif (2410 bytes)School of Ocean & Earth Science & Technology, University of Hawaii.

mbari_logo.gif (1967 bytes)Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.


uscellular_logo.gif (2252 bytes)U.S. Cellular generously provided no cost local celluar calling from the ship to the Big Island of Hawaii. Cellular modems and are our primary communication mechanism.

lavanetlogo.gif (3237 bytes)LavaNet provided dial up access to their facilities on the Big Island.