Voyage to Puna Ridge

Recovering the DSL 120Join an international team of scientists on a 36-day ocean voyage to Hawaii's most spectacular volcano!

Share the excitement of discovery as we explore a volcanic ridge three miles under the sea!

On January 3, 1983, fountains of lava erupted from a fissure on Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, sending rivers of molten rock flowing towards the sea. Nearly 16 years later, the eruption continues with no sign of letting up.

volcanoe.jpg (7270 bytes)Scientists from all over the world have converged on Kilauea to witness these fireworks. More is now known about Kilauea than any other volcano in the world. Yet many of Kilauea's secrets remain hidden beneath the Pacific­until now.

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Deep underwater on Kilauea's east flank, numerous eruptions have built a ridge that extends 75 kilometers from the shore and plunges to a depth of 5,400 meters. This is the Puna Ridge. Within it lie vital clues to Kilauea's past and future. Join us as we uncover these secrets.

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