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By Edwin Schiele

October 30, 1998. This morning I woke up to the sound of waves slapping against the bow. We were on our way back to Honolulu. Up in the main lab, the 4:00 to 8:00 watch (Terry Naumann, Denny Geist, and Mike Avgerinos) were bagging the rubble from the final dredge.

Tom Crook and his Transponder (L. Dolby)
Tom Crook poses with one of his transponders. (L. Dolby)

Earlier, Tom Crook supervised the recovery of the final transponders. As you may recall, the transponders are anchored to the sea floor. Tom sends a special signal to each transponder that breaks the connection to the anchor. The transponders bobs to the surface, and the crew grabs it with long hooks and hauls it on board.

We came out on deck to wave goodbye to Puna Ridge and watch the lava spilling into the sea. I will also say goodbye, but instead of writing some long, thought-provoking summary, I will turn the last daily flash over to master photographer and web-organizer Lori Dolby. Here is a collection of photos from the trip.

DSL120 recovery (L. Dolby)
Lowering the DSL 120 into the water (L. Dolby)
J. Reynolds and D. DuBois with wax corer (L. Dolby)
Dave DuBois and Jennifer Reynolds wrestle the wax core. (L. Dolby)
ARGOr ecovery (L. Dolby)
Pulling ARGO II out of the water (L. Dolby)



Skip Gleason (L. Dolby)
Skip Gleason stands tall.(L. Dolby)
W. Sellers, J. Varnum, S. Gleason, and M. Naiman (L. Dolby)
Will Sellers (left) Jim Varnum, Skip Gleason, and Matt Naiman take a break on ARGO II. (L. Dolby)
Steel beach (L. Dolby)
Relaxing on Steel Beach with Mauna Kea in the background. (L. Dolby)


Science meeting (L. Dolby)
Skip Gleason gives a tour of ARGO II. (L. Dolby)
Lew Skelton-chief engineer (L. Dolby)
Chief Engineer Lew Skelton when he is not among the engines. (L. Dolby)
Russell Rowell-Oiler (L. Dolby)
Oiler Russel Rowley wears his trademark green hat. (L. Dolby)


Debbie Smith and Frank Trusdell (L. Dolby)
Frank Trusdell and Debbie Smith enjoy the eruption. (L. Dolby)
Hawaii Sunset (L. Dolby)
Sunset over the Big Island (L. Dolby)
Rock gathering (L. Dolby)
Naidah Gamurot (left), Mark Bulmer, Jennifer Reynolds, and Frank Trusdell lift rocks from the dredge, while others snap pictures. (L. Dolby)


Ed Shiele (L. Dolby)
Like a frightened deer caught in the headlights, the writer freezes. (L. Dolby)
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