Last Day On Board

By Iris Clyne

Oct. 2, 1998. Today's my last day on board. We've gotten enough data in to know what is working well and what is not. It looks like we're having trouble keeping the fish (sonar vehicle) from pitching severally when we go up the transect. The PI has decided that it might be best to only collect data going down slope. That means every time we finish a line, we pull up the fish (takes 4 hours) steam back to the other end (2 hours) and start over. It seems like a long time, but if the data down slope is useless what other choices are there?

I wish I could stay longer. It seems like we're just getting some results and I won't be able to be there. I'll have to check in on the web page like everyone else. The shuttle is planned to leave Pohoiki boat ramp around 7:30 am. We're not sure what the distance of transport will be, we're guessing an hour. Five people are coming aboard; 3 scientists and 2 teachers. I'm the only one leaving. The shuttle is suppose to be a 25-30 foot fishing boat. They tell me to wrap my computer in bubble wrap and my backpack in a garbage bag in case it gets wet. They will lift my gear over by tying it to a rope and lowering it down. Then I will climb down a rope ladder into the fishing boat. The seas are pretty calm now, I sure hope they say that way.

Mahalo nui loa to all aboard for answering all my questions about the trip from technical to mundane. Everyone has been very friendly. They work hard, but enjoy what they are doing and it shows!

Aloha kakou e ko'u hoaaloha, a hui hou!