Introduction to Learning Activities

Welcome to the Puna Ridge expedition interactive learning corner!

We've got full Lessons on subjects related to the expedition online, short Science Factoids, and during our expedition, our Teachers-on-Board  will be posting mini-lessons on topics they become interested in during their stay with us.

The Puna Ridge expedition is happy to be a part of the Hawaii's E-school curriculum. In the true spirit of E-school, our site will be a dynamic, interactive, and virtual learning environment, as we will be adding components to the  web site daily through our Daily Flashes  and Teacher-on-Board postings from our research ship, the R/V Thomas Thompson. We hope that you find our web site both enjoyable and also informative, and look forward to your email with comments on what you liked and disliked about our site, and how we can further improve our science information delivery.

Teaching Modules

We have developed several educational modules to aid in understanding our project. Each module includes goals, background information, and activities to test comprehension. The lesson plans and activities were developed in coordination with Hawaii State Department of Education (DOE) high school teachers, and will be used this Fall, 1998, in two distance-learning, Internet-based courses that are part of the DOE's Electronic School, SE20 Earth Science, and SA45 Seminar in Scientific Research: Year of the Ocean.

The Scientific Method

TeachingResFig1.jpg (11781 bytes)What is science? What do scientists do? What is the scientific method? Find out from real-life scientists what they do, why they enjoy what they're doing, and learn how to they make scientific discoveries.


Understanding Maps

TeachingResFig4.jpg (13056 bytes)To a geologist, maps are one of the most important media for conveying information. We make maps to organize the data we collect, and we use maps to tell everyone else what we found. Mapmaking and map interpretation are essential skills that all scientists must master. Learn about the different maps scientists use and what makes them unique, and especially about the maps we'll be using as we study the Puna Ridge.